Our people

Political adviders

David F. Wagner

Political Adviser

+420 721 030 120

Cindy Degreef

Political Adviser

+32 2 2847522

Administrative assistants

Samuel Vančo

Administrative Assistant

+32 493 351 050

Zuzana Picková

Adviser on Legislative Activities

+32 2 2838522

Tomáš Hába

Assistant in Czechia

+420 723 248 776


Ondřej Obergruber

PR Expert

+420 731 808 671

Aneta Navrátilová

Social Media Expert

Veronika Murzynová

Green Deal Project Manager

Jiří Grossman

Euro a Public Funds Project Manager

Matěj Petr

Budgetary Control Project Manager

Dan Kolář

Economic Adviser

Heda Čepelová

Green Deal Copywriter



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